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Please make sure that if you are coming along to the Clay Shoot that you have photographic ID with you such as your shotgun certificate or driving licence.
You may well be refused entry if you can't produce photo Identification.

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Marne Clay Shoot News Article     03-09-2021

Sunday 5th September shoot

For the next Sunday shoot we're going to try not having any pre-booked squads. This will mean a reliance on each of you to remain covid safe, to stay in separate small groups (no more than 6) and to keep your distance from each other particularly when booking in, when queuing on stands and at any other pinch points.

Entries will be strictly 10 till 1:30 and it will be members only (we will look to open up to non-members in the coming shoots).

The highest demand when squading is always 10 till 11:30. Please don't all come then. You'll just end up queueing up, emptying all the traps all at once and causing a backlog and you won't get any sympathy from us (because we'll be too busy filling traps). Bear in mind we expect it will feel busier than with squading and you may need to queue whatever time you turn up.

As ever, don't come if you're unwell. Usual rules apply: Bring your shotgun certificate for the guardroom and be extremely courteous to those on duty.

Added over 1 week ago - 2021-09-03