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Today saw the rain hold off for all and the scattered sun made it feel like a spring day, shame we are in July

Top of the sheet was Scott Emmerson on 63/70 and Louise Gibbs on 59/70 takes it for the ladies, we'll shot
Scores up in the usual place

Fingers crossed I didn't miss anyone of the list this time but if I did let me know, I'll only blame Phil and his funky printer anyway

See you Wednesday at Oak Lodge for our league away match or in 2 weeks time
Well done to all for managing to survive the day without 'LOL' keeping them fed, we hope she recovers quickly from whatever bug has flattened her.

Top of the table was Scott Emmerson on 65/70 and Louise Gibbs on 58/70 for the ladies. Scores for all are up now.

See you all in a couple of weeks
Firstly a big thank you for the lovely feedback on today's course, a lot of time and effort goes into it and those putting in the hard graft deserve to hear their efforts are appreciated

Bragging rights today go to Lee Curry on 63/70 and Louise Gibbs on 57/70 for the Ladies
Well done to all, scores are up now

Our next league match is this Wednesday at home to Lordstones, see you then for a blat and a social or in 2 weeks time
A well received course today with an altogether warmer and drier feel than 2 weeks ago
Top honors go to Mark Hopkinson and Katie Carvey on 66 and 64 respectively out of the 70
Score list is up in the usual place

Please note our last league practice is on Wednesday 5-7 ish, get your misses out of the way before the important scores are needed
Huge hats off to all for today, the weather was awful. What scorecards survived have been put up on the results page
Philip Armstrong had the top soggy paper with 57/70 and Louise Gibbs for the ladies only 2 clays behind on 55/70

Yesterday we set the league course and I'm looking at this Wednesday as a practice for any members wishing to shoot this year, please keep a check on our news feed as I'll confirm ASAP the time
In an unusual turn of events the entire day was dry, mostly, I'll put the boating lake plans on hold.

Top of crop was Ben Carvey on 63/70 with Louise Gibbs heading the ladies on 57/70
Well shot all on a course with a couple of odd angles on some targets to keep you focused. Scores are up on the results page as usual.

The random 3 are in this week's members draw are, Neil Coates, John Shaw and Amanda Hopkinson, collect from the office next shoot.

Our league course setup will be on the 27th of April and any for any member wishing to join in this year this is a good way to get more involved, it's your course after all.
Thank you all that attended today and supported the cake ladies, after your generous donations, cake munching and digging around in depths they left with £581.04p for Herriot Hospice @The Lambert, well done and thank you.

On the results side of things Scott Emmerson gets bragging rights on 65/70 with Louise Gibbs popping in 57/70.

The daft members easter quiz winners drawn are Martin Green, Kev Handley and Michael Gibbs. Lucky dip selection for them next shoot.

See you in a couple of weeks, no Easter rabbits I promise
Well thats the lamb dinner down, took a little bit of doing after LOL fed me today hahaha

Lovely as always to see everyone braving the drizzle to come and see what todays course has in store, turns out Cliffs orange on stand 9 was the talking point

Top of the heap today was Harry Carvey on 61/70 and Evelyn Gibbs decided she wanted the ladies slot with a very nice 57/70, scores in the usual place now

As some of you have spotted the website has the details for the 2024 league, please keep an eye as a couple of the dates may change around. There will be more info on the course setup and practice soon

In even more news I have a members give away from today, well 3 actually, 1 envelope for each of the random members, Paul Corrie, David Denton and Peter Overton.
1 has a free entry, 1 has 3 boxes of carts and the last a booby prize, I don't know which as which so good luck you 3

See you in a fortnight
A bright but cool day today with some testing targets for all to think about

Mark Hopkinson takes top slot this week with 65/70 and Louise Gibbs on 51/70 takes it for the ladies, full list is up on the usual place

Special mention goes to our juniors who continue to impress, their scores are not often out of the full course quantity but are there for reference only

See you in a couple of weeks
Yesterday was another fantastic turnout with special guest appearance by the sun making a change from the wet of late.

Paul Clark came out on top with 66/70 and Katie Carvey took the ladies tiara with a nice 54/70.
Full scores have been up since yesterday.

You may wonder why this post was delayed? Short answer is I was out watching Bill Bailey on Saturday evening, sohhhhhhh worth seeing live, and by the end of Sunday the only thing l could be arsed to do was eat biscuits and stare blankly at the telly.

Stay safe all and see you in a couple of weeks